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Blood begun to seep again.
Pain setting greedy hands upon my head.
Chocolate seeing skewed blurry things;
brighter then they out to appear.

The 'wondrous' Light is so very cruel;
'blessed' Darkness far too deep –
it's coiling seductive spell.
Gentle hands of Shadows lay
easing down my racing mind

Repose – my darling elusive lover;
twines himself around my flesh.
Warmth sinks into ice-crystal bones,
and calms my weary soul

Eyes fall open,
bare feet tickle the air.
Iron-copper waters flow –
ants over uneven earth
Every drum beat pulse sends cool sharp waves
of agony rippling over still aching muscle.

The insistent nature of thought.
Razor-blades in eyes, needles in the brain.
Even being numb is starting to hurt
So I writhe, within my mind,
hide from judging eyes.

Life is not the Fate's decree.
Only choices that are made
can shape anything.
The choice though,
 is not always ours
   to make.

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Submitted on
December 23, 2012
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